Hotel Reservation System

Hotel Reservation System is a complete worldwide based solution for Hotel reservation, car Reservation, flights ticket booking Easy to Access for User and travel Agency and you can book easily through to the software, user can book any place any need for services. The Hotel Reservation System incorporates all the required tools such as accommodation booking Travel Agency inspections in one 'Real Time' software solution plus being multi lingual and multi currency. Hotel Reservation System eliminates the need to purchase multiple software packages that combined do not reach the overall functionality and productivity of Hotel Reservation System.

Hotel Reservation software:

Hote reservation sytemis develop in way so that you can connect unlimited hotel xml supplier content on your online hotel booking engine. lowest price hotel will be on top of the that you will get more business.

B2B Hotel reservation system By default, the corporation uses three levels of access to the features included in the application. These levels (roles) are: administrator, manager and travel. Each level is related to the appropriate permissions. The distinction is so designed that the most expanded is the role of administrator, then manager and the most limited access is assigned to the traveler. In addition, every corporation has the possibility to create and configure their own roles, the most appropriate for the structure of the company.

B2C Hotel Reservation system The application was built on the basis of the standards for business travel industry and was equipped with numerous extended functionalities. advantage is that the components of the system are presented in a clear and transparent manner. The presentation of components in an accessible and intuitive form, makes the use of the application not only easy but also enjoyable

Multiple Payment Gateways This application makes it possible to introduce a number of settings that allow to copy rules and travel policies present in a given corporation. provides its users with many possible modifications and setups of a given account, including those related to the Travel Policy. There is a possibility to define a Travel Policy for the whole corporation, individual cost centers and even create a personal Travel Policy for a given traveler.

Inbuilt Accounting system allows full configuration of user accounts. As a result, there is no need to enter every time all necessary information – the system will automatically find them in the database. Apart from manual data entry, there is a possibility to import data from GDS profiles or .xls (MS Excel) files, which will significantly save user time, especially during the single introduction of a large group of users

Resposive Hotel Reservation system TMC (Travel Management Company) thanks to TripGate, has the possibility to manage their own consultants (office administration). Thereby, the agency creates a network of consultants who are responsible for handling particular corporations. As in the corporate access, we have a choice of the roles specified in the application (with attributes assigned to them) and the highest power is assigned to the administrator. Only he has an access to all accounts of the consultants from a given company and he has an opportunity to modify them. It is also possible that the administrator creates completely new roles reflecting skills of individual employees.

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