back office solution

Admin Module

Dynamic Dashboard
  • Realtime information in graphical format
  • Live display of booking records (today / last seven days)
Profile management (*multi-layer admin access)
  • Activate / deactivate sub admin
  • Sub admin roles & rights management
B2C User Master
  • Activate / deactivate user
  • View user profile
  • Discount codes for Users
  • Can check the no of Users logged-in at the moment
  • Can check the bookings done by the users.
B2B Agent Master
  • Activate / deactivate agent
  • Manage deposit accounts
  • Manager commission, incentive for the agents
  • Can check the no of agents logged-in at the moment
  • Can add markup agent wise
  • Can check the bookings done by the agent
MarkUp Master
  • Default markup setup
  • By airline (fixed and percentage)
  • By country (fixed and percentage)
  • By city (fixed and percentage)
  • Add, update service fee
  • Add, update cancellation fee
  • Creating rate masters
Content Management
  • CMS to manage all web pages
  • CMS to manage banners and offers
  • Manage support ticket
  • Manage discount codes and deals for the customers
Realtime Reporting
Graphical Reporting

Product Features

Comprehensive travel management system

  • Centralized fulfillment and processing of bookings from multiple point of sale channels
  • In built Customer Relationship Management
  • User friendly virtual booking card for booking processing
  • Booking Management through various booking queues
  • Comprehensive admin panel for managing the business processes
  • Manage complex sale and purchase rules
  • Define commission and markup for various sales channels
  • Real-time supplier connectivity
  • Direct connect to negotiated inventories
  • Travel desk / Front desk / Call center interface
  • End-to-end automation
  • Auto invoicing and voucher generation
  • Exhaustive Reporting System (Finance and Sales)
  • Integration with third party tools

Features Of travinto: A Mid And Back-Office Travel Agency Management Software

Sales and operations dashboard enables travel businesses to track, as well as manage sales and crucial business operations quickly and also helps optimizing efficiency.

Quick and easy onboarding for agencies and affiliates is achieved through automated features, where users can also control access rules for affiliates and partners easily.

Manage websites efficiently without IT help. The agency management system equips users to create and modify websites, and also launch promotions for sub-agencies and affiliates quickly.

Control yields effectively through a comprehensive yield management console that enables users to configure, monitor and modify markups, service fees, discounts, as well as commission rules.

Quick search feature enables travel business to filter out the details of customers, reservations and emails quickly, to provide end customers with seamless customer experience.

Sliced and diced reports from sales to reconciliation are easy for users to access and enables business owners to filter out relevant, actionable information.

Service requests from customers, affiliates and partners can be fulfilled in an organized and efficient manner by means of the user-friendly agency management console.

Monitor and regularize sales as well as rules for your brands and affiliates through bizconnect’s user-friendly business management console with granular control.

Travintoy is awesome responsive travel agency software, with clean design.

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