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Manage appointments, billing, lab, stock and inventory, pharmacy and more. Advanced EMR to manage medical records and improve clinical care.

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Clinic Management Software

Handling patient bills and appointment used to be a chaotic scene in hospitals and clinics. Not anymore! With the arrival of Travinto Clinic Management Software, a systematic process has evolved over the time. The best part of this software is that it has reduced the use of paper, keeping all important information in one place to access. Doctors could coordinate with other departments with great ease, regarding medical health records. The software has helped in saving time as prescriptions, bills and other calculations are maintained digitally. This helps Doctors to concentrate on their core activities.

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Take the clinical experience to another level with practice management software

Implementing the best practice management software for your hospital is highly recommended. Being an industry that’s sensitive by nature, it’s extremely important to use the right software to bring in more efficiency in the management for hospitals, clinics and doctors, and satisfying patients with a speedy service.

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Medical Practice Management Software: Medical Software for Labs & Pharmacies.

A tech savior for labs and pharmacies, the Medical Practice Management Software has paved the way for a hassle-free management process. This medical software helps in generating patient bills and electronic test reports. Not just that, the doctors can also see the previous medical history and prescribe medicines accordingly.

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