1. Technology Consulting

Travinto technology consultants are travel domain experts with implementation experience across geographically dispersed customers, our consultants are proficient in solving complex problems and optimizing the way you use your technology. A Gold Certified partner of Microsoft, updated with continuing education program is adapted to keep our specialists at par with current MS technologies in addition to travel domain knowledge. Using a combination of onsite and offsite consultancy we help optimize your extended IT team and ensure a high level of efficiency. In addition to understanding the end- to- end travel transaction process our team is adept on GDS technologies as well as various other Central Reservation Systems. "Our consultants have a high proficiency in the travel domain. Travinto technology consultants are typically involved with our internal product development processes and enterprise level implementations for our enterprise customers. They undergo an initial travel domain knowledge training followed by continuous development plans and real life exposure to challenging and innovative travel technology software development."

Our Offerings

  • Travel System Procurement
  • Application Development and Conceptualization
  • Technology Implementation
  • Travel Process Automation
  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Technologies

2. Travel Process Outsourcing

Backed by our 9+ years of experience focused solely on the travel industry and travel technology, Travinto provides a high quality solution for Travel Process Outsourcing. This also includes data analytics and monitoring of day to day operations. Our focus is always on continuous improvement of our clients’ business processes. We fulfill our clients’ day to day tasks and routine operations so that they earn benefits from additional cost savings and added process efficiencies. We review our operations from time to time. The learning from our global customer handling enables us to enhance productivity in each process.

Our Offerings

  • Ticketing and Quality check
  • Reservations and Customer service
  • Booking queues and Processes
  • Duplicate booking check
  • Loyalty programs
  • Contract management

3. Travel Business Analysts

In past 9+ years, Travinto have built a substantial knowledge base and gained expertise in the travel industry that made us a leader in travel technology domain. Our competencies are derived from our extensive experience in travel technology development, integration, maintenance and support. A multitude of complexities exist in the travel technology field, with a plethora of suppliers for different products and each supplier working on a different technology. We have created specialized teams to separately handle and manage suppliers, third-party partners and back office integrations. Our business analysts team is handpicked from our in-house departments and come with an average experience of 7+ years in the travel domain. The team is capable to add efficiencies to our clients’ existing processes to help them increase their revenues and grow their businesses. Our analysts can help our client to re-engineer and improve the performance of their online travel business. With a strong foundation on business process analysis, infrastructure research and deep field-specific knowledge, we provide services for optimization, planning and measuring of business processes. We do technology audits, gap analysis and work out the most effective strategy for our client to reach their goal.

Our Offerings

  • Infrastructure research
  • Business process analysis
  • Audit and gap analysis
  • Deep field specific knowledge
  • Maintenance and Support

4. XChange On Cloud ERP

Travinto delivers all the available modules over the cloud platform, the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for small to midsize travel intermediaries. travinto on demand/cloud deployment saves infrastructure cost and product development cost for customers. Our offerings facilitate free product upgrades without bearing a delay and cost of technology upgrades.

Product Features

  • First cloud hosted travel ERP
  • One time set up fee and montly user license fee
  • Free upgrades lifetime
  • Minimize your investment with our affordable and pay as you grow model
  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Includes maintenance, hosting and free upgrades
  • Partners with Amazon , Rackspace and netmagic

5. Enterprise Solution

Travinto enterprise deployment is a proven and stable platform that powers some of the largest online travel companies in the world. With an existing enterprise framework that has evolved over the last 9+ years, Travinto provides the standard modules on customer servers and customer has advantage to customize the solution based on his own processe and business need.

A powerful application to manage your end-to-end travel transactions

  • Travinto deploys entire solution framework on client’s servers
  • Enterprise deployment allows customization based on customer processes
  • Expert resources that can help enhance and maintain your entire application suite
  • One time setup fee and one time user fee along with additional customization fee
  • Perpetual product and user license
  • Annual maintenance cost which includes support and maintenance