What we offer

Intelligent data governance & compliance

Data veracity

Avoid pitfalls of inaccurate data by assessing for quality, risk, and relevance—producing a veracity score to quantify trust within enterprise data.

Next-gen master data management (MDM)

Maximize value from your data with our multi-domain MDM, MDM for big data and MDM on cloud offerings.

Intelligent data governance

Optimize, protect, and leverage data as a corporate asset across the data lifecycle.

Data catalog

Make your data more searchable and accessible—to use it to make business decisions and derive maximum value from it.

Machine-led compliance

Complying with international regulations is the basis of ethical operations. Automate the compliance process with our machine-led compliance offering.

GDPR: A data opportunity in disguise

“CEOs who see data as capital can grow and ultimately reinvent their businesses to be more data-driven. This means that every CEO must be as strategic about acquiring, growing, refining, safeguarding and deploying their data as they are with their human, financial and intellectual capital.”—Shail Jain, Global Lead – Technology, Data & AI Our GDPR Intelligent Solution not only identifies data locations and types in the purview of GDPR, but also validates accuracy and generates a confidence/reliability score based on which stakeholders can take appropriate action.

data anlytics

GDPR: Comply to compete

Integrating enterprise data is critical for organizations to make timely, data-driven decisions in today’s fast-paced business environment. By bringing together disparate data sources, organizations can gain a complete view of their operations, customers, and markets, which can help them identify opportunities, optimize processes, and improve customer satisfaction. As a data integration partner, Techwish helps its customers establish a framework that allows different systems, applications, and databases to exchange data seamlessly and efficiently to achieve greater operational efficiencies.


Industry Data Governance Service

Enterprises having a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy are evaluating and adopting cloud data governance, master data management, data quality, and controlled personalization of information.p>

Nearly 50% productivity improvements

Automated data discovery

Increased data security and personalization.

Improved data quality.

Industry data models

Better user experience and productivity:

Developing Data Governance Framework

Freedom From Data Silos

Tearing down data silos.