Visa Information System

Visa Information System a single window for all the VISA related information. Travinto provides integrate on major Global Distribution System. Amadeus and Galileo. Travinto integrate Visa information System in your website through their API. Travinto provide best service for covers to segments of all customer like B2B,B2C & B2E. Our Software the most user friendly and all comprehensive web portal for individual travel agent and customers. B2B- Visa Information System B2B customer find all VISA related information along with forms to their respective customers from our portal. Travinto Technology offer a unique feature of sending details using their own name as a sender costumer and travel agents. B2C- Visa Information System Travinto provide most comprehensive web portal covering almost 4, 000 Visa Forms and 1, 500 Embassies round the World. B2E- Visa Information System Offer one of the most advanced XML services to our company's customer to update real-time updates B2E VIS of the advanced XML services for our business customers to update in real time.

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